Tickets for both days can be bought at and at Imperial, Glerártorgi Akureyri.

Get your ticket now at mið

Tickets bought on need to be printed out and then handed in at Imperial Glerártorgi in exchange for normal ticket.

There has been a slight change, meaning there will not be bracelets, instead people show ticket at the festival site and get a stamp for ticket type they have on the back of their hand.
Those who have weekend passes need to be able to show the ticket on both nights and get a new stamp at night 2.

Please note that tickets for individual nights will be available for purchase at the entrance for each night

Standard ticket

Available as a single day pass for each day, or a weekend pass for both days

Gives access to the festival site


VIP pass

We have sadly had to cancel the VIP tickets due to unforeseen circumstances!
If you have bought a VIP ticket please contact us for a reimbursement.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.