BigBen Dj’s

BigBen DJ’s will play at Akureyri Dance Festival on Saturday, June 16th 2018

BigBen DJ’s made a hit in the music schene up north in the year 2007 following a successful co-operation with No Request, when they worked together to create some of the most iconic club scenes in the bernaise town that is Akureyri.To begin with BigBen DJ’s focused mainly on Electro but later evolved over to Tech/Deep House/Dub and have they shared a stage with artists such as Oculus and GusGus.

Late year 2008, BigBen DJ’s placed the players on the shelf and discontinued the project on the top, but have now, 10 years later, returned to perform one more time at Akureyri Dance Festival.
You can expect some soothing synths and heavy beats while they are behind the one and two’s!