What is Akureyri Dance Festival

Akureyri Dance Festival, also known as ADF, is a electrical music festival that takes place for the first time in the beautiful town of Akureyri in northern part of Iceland. With a population of just over 18.000 people, Akureyri does not see allot of events like this so we thought it was time to fix that.

Is Akureyri Dance Festival a one time thing?

We aim to host ADF every year for years to come. We start out small but aim big for future years!

Is the festival a outside venue?

For the first year the venue will be inside a historical club named Sjallinn, located in the town center of Akureyri. Plan is to have the festival grow to a outdoor festival in the future though!

What about food and beverage?

At the club there will be sold both alcoholic and none alcoholic beverages, but food is not available at the venue.
However, we have made some great deals with local restaurants that are going to give our venue guests some nice discounts!
Many of those are really close by the venue.
Please be sure to check out our “Around the venue” information on this website